Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot and Humid Gardening

The last two weeks have been so hot and humid, that it almost makes me want all that rain back. The temperature was 102 degrees today, with an heat index of 117 degrees in the shade. The heat has brought most outdoor activities to a halt, so nevertheless, the garden is still pretty much a mess. We were able to do a little cleanup work, but it's small, compared to the work that lies ahead. So, much for the summer garden! Yet, onward we go, we are already starting to plan our fall garden. We will not let this funky weather get us down!!
The latana plant (above) is one plant that does seem to thrive in hot and dry conditions. It provides a pleasant bit of color when we step outside to the patio. It's always bright and cheery, so it makes us want to be too, even if it is blazing HOT.
To get anything done outside, including a walk with the puppies, you have to get up pretty early around here. At 7 AM, it's already usually hitting at 80 degrees. Therefore, we have been trying to go to bed early, and get up early. I'm starting to feel like some frontier farmer that must work with the daylight - early to bed, early to rise. We do take comfort, though, in knowing that a great part of the country is in this current heat wave. Misery does like company:) KEEP COOL!!

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