Friday, November 10, 2006

Pretty Fall Flowers

We have been enjoying a couple of days of really nice summertime weather (it has actually been in the 80's with sunshine). So, I guess we can't complain that wet weather will be returning later this evening, along with a cold front. Some people are plowing snow out of their driveways today, and would be happy to deal with a little cold rain.

As I looked around today, I tried to savor the delightful colors and sights of the various fall and late summer flowers still in the yard. Just in case they don't make it through the cold front coming, but I'm hoping they will persevere. Hang in there flowers! (Above, are some beautiful brazen orange mums I picked up for just $2. I think that's a pretty cheap spirit-lifter.)

(Yellow Latana)

(Purple Hardy Hibiscus)


(Jasmine Vine)


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