Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pecan Season is Upon Us

We have been so busy, that we have not had much time to reflect on the pecan trees in the yard. While doing yardwork recently, we noticed that the pecans are plentiful in the trees this year; it promises to be a bountiful crop. My head whirled, while thinking about all the possible uses for a good pecan crop: pecan pie, pecan candy, pecans in a fresh salad, eating pecans right out of the shell. Unfortunately, most of the things that I think of doing with pecans involve calories - I MUST THINK HEALTHIER!
I never really thought about what pecans look like on the tree, before moving to the Southern States. I would just go to the grocery store and purchase a bag of shelled pecans. But I must say that pecan trees are stately and beautiful. This time of year, there could not be a better Sunday afternoon drive, than driving through the countryside passing orchards of pecan trees.


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